Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soooooo Many New Treasures...!

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napkin holders notecards
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hospice, Humor, & Pearls...!

hospice memorial walk  
Had quite an experience the past few days ....
 My mom's older sis, Bev, went into Hospice in Tampa, and my mom
 wanted to be with her.  Since mom doesn't fly alone, I flew with her
 and we got there just in the nick of time! 

I hesitantly walked into Hospice with tear-stained cheeks, and
was amazed at the loving and respectful  way Aunt Bev and we
 were treated.  Hospice is an amazing place that is truly calming,
restful and dignified.  If you ever have to visit, don't be scared.
(the photo above is the Hospice Memorial Courtyard ...
look at the Judge Judy, Cocktails stone! LOL!)

BTW, this was my aunt whom I adored; she was a shopper,
social, extrovert ... life-of-the-party, glamorous lady.  Auntie Bev and
I had a memorable shopping weekend in Mt. Dora, Florida a few years back; 
 I gave out before she did!! 
She was a generous soul and class act ... still sent Birthday, Easter, Christmas gifts to my kiddos and wrote long, lovely letters.  
She gave birth to a son w/ cerebral palsy, who lived to be in his 40s
  because she was so dedicated and caring to him. 
Beverly handled life with humor,  grace,  a well-set table,
 and a gorgeous strand of pearls. 
She died this morning. 

Thanks for letting me "think" about her aloud.
 The Grant Girls -- Beverly, Patricia (my mom), Janet!

xo, H