Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soooooo Many New Treasures...!

Just click on the pics below & scroll!
DT Bracelets
Summer Entertaining .. for you & your home


 Utensil, Makeup Brushes, Marker Caddy, Napkin Holders ...
Love the Adorable Tins of postcards to use as quick "Thank You" notes!  
Then I use my empty tin for "girlie supplies" in the powder room!
napkin holders notecards
Tons of New Belt Buckles!!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hospice, Humor, & Pearls...!

hospice memorial walk  
Had quite an experience the past few days ....
 My mom's older sis, Bev, went into Hospice in Tampa, and my mom
 wanted to be with her.  Since mom doesn't fly alone, I flew with her
 and we got there just in the nick of time! 

I hesitantly walked into Hospice with tear-stained cheeks, and
was amazed at the loving and respectful  way Aunt Bev and we
 were treated.  Hospice is an amazing place that is truly calming,
restful and dignified.  If you ever have to visit, don't be scared.
(the photo above is the Hospice Memorial Courtyard ...
look at the Judge Judy, Cocktails stone! LOL!)

BTW, this was my aunt whom I adored; she was a shopper,
social, extrovert ... life-of-the-party, glamorous lady.  Auntie Bev and
I had a memorable shopping weekend in Mt. Dora, Florida a few years back; 
 I gave out before she did!! 
She was a generous soul and class act ... still sent Birthday, Easter, Christmas gifts to my kiddos and wrote long, lovely letters.  
She gave birth to a son w/ cerebral palsy, who lived to be in his 40s
  because she was so dedicated and caring to him. 
Beverly handled life with humor,  grace,  a well-set table,
 and a gorgeous strand of pearls. 
She died this morning. 

Thanks for letting me "think" about her aloud.
 The Grant Girls -- Beverly, Patricia (my mom), Janet!

xo, H

Friday, April 1, 2011

Local highlights.. I Am Modern names me Royal Wedding Accessory Queen!!

Quoted from I Am Modern:

"The Wedding of the Decade" is just around the corner. If your invitation for Prince William and Kate Middleton has not arrived, you can still celebrate in style!

Whether you are cozying up to watch the early am nuptials on April 29th, or recording for a "Watch Party" during the day, there are many products to commemorate this historic and romantic occasion. Our local Chick's Picks by Hillary has created a Royal Line of creative, chic, hip products that personify the feminine anglophile in us!

Hillary of Chick's Picks commissioned 20 of the designers that develop and manufacture products for her boutique shows and web site, , on January 1, 2011, to get royal and create. The result is tens of new products that are subtly regal, vintage funky, and many that incorporate the iconic crown theme that is currently popular in home and fashion accessories. Here is a sample of Hillary's Royal fare .....

royal3 royal3
hillary tattersallHillary Tattersall is known as the Accessory Queen. And for good reason! As owner of Chicks Pick's, a pop-up boutique and web store (, Hillary works with hundreds of designers and magazine editors to create products that the hip & modern mom loves! She lives in Loudoun County with her family and will be giving I Am Modern moms weekly hints and tips to freshen up either their homes or their personal fashion style. She is also Modern Style Guide Guru. She welcomes your thoughts, comments, and questions.


If you haven't already, check out the Royal Wedding video highlighting only some of the original royal creations available both online at and at her boutique show April 14-16th. Get your royal wedding boutique show invite here!

~ Hillary ~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Really ... THIS is how it all started.

When asked how I started Chick's Picks, this is the needlepoint pillow I picture.
My first handiwork ... ever.  My MIL taught me her life-long talent, and she designed this "starter" project. This pillow got me through the 1st and 2nd grade homework table. See, when I left the corporate world, I had a REALLY hard time sitting still at that table. Teaching little crumb grabbers to read was NOT my forte.
I guess patience as a whole, is not my forte. (Of course not, for 15 years in the business world, I got raises for NOT being patient ... but that's a whole other article --
I was actually interviewed for a book about this subject recently.)

Anyway, since one needlepoint pillow ended up taking a few years, that craft was not for me.
I took up knitting, and was able to finish a scarf a night. And then Jennifer Aniston wore a summer scarf with a sundress in "What About Polly," and knitting scarves, and my new business,
became a year-round passion (BTW, it was called Tattered Shawls.)
My second needlepoint project -- my son's monogram on a toddler Chippendale chair, complete with Tattersall plaid as the background.  And look how he expressed his appreciation!

My current project -- a copy of an Hermes scarf.  Taking forever.

My MIL now just needlepoints for me!!  Look at these beauties.  Can you see the beading in the middle? She is amazing.  And I thank her always for starting me on this journey.  She created a monster.
~ Hillary ~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is the most beautiful gift I have ever been given. Thank you Dara for my real-life, vintage, rhinestone encrusted Parisian tiara. It stands 9 inches tall. I wish it could talk and tell us where it's been!! xoxo Dara!!!

~ Hillary ~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shhh... It's a secret!

Chick's Picks has many best-selling products

that I call Girlfriend SECRETS ...

Accessories that are not visible,

but your GF tells you you MUST get ....

so we are sharing!!

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1) Laminated place mats - 6 for only $36! Form, Function & sticky Fingers!


2) Best Boot Socks - stay up, machine wash & look cute at airport security!

3) Stirrups keep your Jeans in your boots -- work best w/ flat boots!

mesh bagsinvisibelt

4)mesh purse pouches - organize & change purses easily!

5) Invisibelts - Jeans stay up & NO belt belt bulge!


6) ladies tell me how much they love their CP Tee: soft & wears well,

7) and their tumbler - keeps hot hot, and cold cold!

And they are drinking more water !

$5 off tumbler!! Now $10!

booknecklace extender

8) The BOOK that will have you & your GF laughing

-- best Birthday present!

9) Extend your short necklaces to a longer length!

wallet cord covers

10) THE wallet that every CP cashier uses -- try it ... you'll love it!

11) Cover your unsightly electrical cords with dupioni silk!

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birthday picture w/ dawn

True Confession Time

The pictures of myself that I use in Chick's Picks' marketing, Facebook, the blog, postcards were all done professionally. I am talking professional photographer, lighting, hair, makeup, even a stylist on set. I had many outfit, setting, prop and accessory changes! Photographers have stood on chairs & ladders for shots -- still not sure if it was for an

artsy angle, or to hide the over-forty chin situation? Who cares? It worked.

However, today I am writing about the photo above ... a candid taken at a

50th Birthday party I went to Saturday night. A professional camera man shot the photo ... but I got dressed and posed all by myself.

What you don't know are all the GIRLFRIEND secrets that are involved in this photograph. And I just gotta share:

- the Disappearing-Double-Chin Trick: Extend your neck up straight and tall

(like almost an inch), then stick your face out (an inch), then drop your chin ever so slightly. You'll feel feel like a chicken, but I promise it works! My LA sister-in-law Sarah, who is in the "industry," taught me this; we have laughed so hard as we practiced that we actually added chins. Try the mirror first!

- I am wearing an Invisibelt so my jeans are not slipping down over

my muffin top during the photo;

- the black shell and jacket are slimming. Not just because they are black --

works for lots of colors -- just make it monochromatic, so

the outfit isn't choppy;

-a scoop or V-neck is elongating;

-same with a long necklace;

-same with a front crease in your jeans or trousers, pointy toes, and nude or high heels;

- I got a new leave-in conditioning hair product, Moroccan oil at

Hair Harmony in Sterling (or click on image), that allows me to

style & wear my hair down!! Friends don't even recognize me if my hair isn't up -- lack of time, know-how, and product.

Between this miracle stuff, and the big-brushes-left-in-your-hair-when-drying trick, I have never been happier with a hair picture. And last Saturday it was drizzling! And I had to walk blocks because I got to the party late;


-and finally, stand next to a thirty-something hot chick!

Thanks Dawn - who is a longtime CP customer & friend!

These vanities may not be for you, however with the prolific camera phones and Facebook uploads, we have to be ready 24/7. Feel free to share your photo tips with me too! Now, go practice looking like a chicken!

~ Hillary ~