Thursday, March 10, 2011

Really ... THIS is how it all started.

When asked how I started Chick's Picks, this is the needlepoint pillow I picture.
My first handiwork ... ever.  My MIL taught me her life-long talent, and she designed this "starter" project. This pillow got me through the 1st and 2nd grade homework table. See, when I left the corporate world, I had a REALLY hard time sitting still at that table. Teaching little crumb grabbers to read was NOT my forte.
I guess patience as a whole, is not my forte. (Of course not, for 15 years in the business world, I got raises for NOT being patient ... but that's a whole other article --
I was actually interviewed for a book about this subject recently.)

Anyway, since one needlepoint pillow ended up taking a few years, that craft was not for me.
I took up knitting, and was able to finish a scarf a night. And then Jennifer Aniston wore a summer scarf with a sundress in "What About Polly," and knitting scarves, and my new business,
became a year-round passion (BTW, it was called Tattered Shawls.)
My second needlepoint project -- my son's monogram on a toddler Chippendale chair, complete with Tattersall plaid as the background.  And look how he expressed his appreciation!

My current project -- a copy of an Hermes scarf.  Taking forever.

My MIL now just needlepoints for me!!  Look at these beauties.  Can you see the beading in the middle? She is amazing.  And I thank her always for starting me on this journey.  She created a monster.
~ Hillary ~