Thursday, July 22, 2010

International Chick's Picks' Shipping Department

Asked 12 year old son to assemble boxes. They were stacked beautifully
until beagle pup did her bowling ball impression.

Never-before-seen photographs ... inside the International Chick's Picks' Shipping Department.

Yesterday was an educational day for me. My assistant, Christy, is on vaca (in Hilton Head!)
and I am in charge of shipping out CP web orders. Christy is hyper-focused. I am, well ... not so much. First of all, I knew I would be in my office for awhile, so I found the online music site, and designed a music "station." Then got a huge glass of ice tea and
checked my facebook pages, CP & personal. Ok, NOW I am ready .... started pulling product, packaging, weighing, writing little thank you notes ...
I now realize I may also have OCD?

put customer # 200467856, Mrs. Mathews' silver necklace in box (wonder if it needs more padding?)(yes)(tissue or bubble?) tied tulle bow crooked (do again)(would raffia look better?) did i accidentally put a gold necklace in? (undo bow and open box ... ok, it was silver)(check facebook). type address for shipping. was the house # 9812 or 8912? (put on magnifying glasses) (reread house #)(comment on facebook). think about street that Mrs. Mathew's lives on ... does Fountain Drive (or was it street, double check) really have a fountain? how beautiful. (maybe I should call her and ask? ... you know, get to know my customers) (no, working under deadline) did I select Iowa or Indiana (double check)(post on facebook. both pages) is the tape going to hold? (triple wrap box)(worry about my carbon footprint w/all these shipping materials) weigh package (is 6oz the same as .6lbs?) print label and attach to box (check facebook, tweet ashton) yeah, box ready for mailing (omg, why is the thank you note sitting outside the sealed box) write "thank you" w/ sharpie all over outside of box (is that even professional? mom would say better to say thank you, in any format)(upload picture to facebook)

Now, onto the second package.

~ Hillary ~

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