Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was just told by a Facebook buddy (thanks Julianne!) that I was the
WINNER of Matthew Mead's
product contest he held for his soon-to-be published AMAZING
book-azine, Holiday ... with Matthew Mead, coming out in October.

Matthew Mead is the male-version Martha Stewart. He produces the new Flea Market Style magazine, was the style editior for Country Home, and has worked with Target, Pottery Barn, Dove Chocolates on national ad campaigns. He also has 2 fabulous blogs, and is continuing with these Book-azines -- cheaper than a book, more expensive than a mag; serious coffee table piece -- for major holidays. Pre-order on his site!

These days I find I go into a magazine marketing idea with one intention, one focus, and I come out the other end with a completely different concept. The magazine manipulates my input to fit their needs. Fine with me ... usually works out better. I contacted Mathew Mead to give him decorating ideas for a blue Christmas -- my vintage jewelry tree, Trina's spool trees, my holiday decor. Instead I was selected as having the winning hand-craft item -- the birdy cake plate. I also am trying an ad to promote my web site in this publication -- I have never tried that before!

Here's the link .. and have a ball on his site!

xo, Hillary