Thursday, June 17, 2010


Took pictures for my web site yesterday. 350 of them. Wore bare feet. That was a mistake. Seeing the results of 12 hours of shooting & editing was not. Truly, women are so creative and so talented. It is my daily joy to bring these fabulous products to market. So many of these products I take personally as they are collaborations -- pics above. Maybe one of my fav things to do is sit at my dining room table with the designers and create on the spot. Ok, Trina and I go to Starbucks, ok Dara and I ... over Thai food, Shelley and I ... facebook, Anne Marie and I ... on the phone, Amy and I text, Jean .... while we are at her house looking at buttons, Lane ... in beach chairs, Teressa & Michelle ... via mail, Jules ... via Iphone pictures, Deb ... while we are unloading our trunks, Kristen ... while her kids are petting my beagle, Cheryl ... at the salon, Barb ... in front of Tiffanys....I mean it is 300 designers ... you get the idea. (Isn't that weird, I didn't mention wine? I save that for Beth.)
Women should run the world.

~ Hillary ~

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