Friday, June 25, 2010

my annual review

So thrilling to see your name in print (remember Steve Martin in The Jerk, when he saw his
phonebook listing: "I am somebody!") The Chick's Picks' products that appear in Country Living Magazine is sorta my Annual Review. When you work for yourself, there is no boss that schedules a meeting to tell you how you are faring .... succeeding, or failing .... at your job. No one to review how you did on last year's goals, and ask what you are planning next year. No
body language to read, paperwork to sign, raise to get excited about. So, when a national home, (and starting to be more fashion) magazine gives a nod in my direction ... that about sums up my work, my year, my relationships ... my little business' success.

I actually want to thank all of you who support Chick's Picks ... you give me the nerve to keep going ... and give me my TRUE annual review!!

~ Hillary ~

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